Two New U.S. Ariel Atom Dealers

2 05 2010

As mentioned in this blog, production of the Ariel Atom in the USA is now in the hands of the excellent TMI. Mark Swain of TMI has just recently announced that there are two new Dealers in the US.

Click the Atom 3 image for TMI or go to

The first new Dealer is Sector 111 in Temecula, California. The President of Sector 111 is Shinoo Mapleton. I had the pleasure of meeting Shinoo at the recent track day I attended. The track day was organized by Sector 111. Shinoo is on the left in the pic and in his words, not mine, is the one in danger of looking like corner marker cone!

The second newly announced Dealer is Eddie Hill’s Fun Cycles in Wichita Falls, Texas.

For those that don’t know, Eddie Hill is a massive presence in the world of both Top Fuel dragsters and Top Fuel drag boats. Eddie was the first person to officially run the 1/4 mile in the 4 second bracket!

Being used to regularly going from 0-320 mph, Eddie’s commitment to the Ariel Atom team in the USA says all you need to know about the Ariel Atom and how much fun it is.

Eddie Hill’s Fun Cycles

Check out Eddie Hill’s Fun Cycles at:

Eddie is a regular contributor to our Owners Club forum. It was here that I saw he had developed two new mufflers for the Atom, through one of his racing associates – Flowmaster. Having read about that, I am now a proud owner of a Hushpower by Flowmaster “Eddie Hill Special” and I LOVE it! Sounds great and runs great. I’ll write a post about that.

Both new Dealers will be a fantastic asset for the growth and support of the Ariel Atom in the USA and it an exciting development for all.

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